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            Global Product Manager- Powere




            北美洲 | 本科或以上 | 7年以上

            工作地點:北美洲 所屬部門:Global Product
            職位類別:其他 招聘人數:1 人
            匯報對象:Executive Direc

            >Be the owner and advocate for your products when it comes to cost, features, quality and lead time
            >Actively manage and shape the Powered Chain Hoist Products portfolio globally to drive increased market share and revenue
            >Lead Voice of Customer process globally to understand customer needs / market needs for product improvements and new products
            >Specify requirements for new products (features, cost, etc.) and initiate development activities
            Launch new products, incorporating appropriate marketing communication, advertising, promotional and training activities
            >Gain a deep understanding of competitive products: communicate how to sell against the competitive units and covert sales to CMCO
            >Articulate the features and benefits of our products and work with MARCOM team to develop material to relay this information to our sales team, channel partners and end users
            >Establish and maintain appropriate pricing relationships (list prices) between products and product lines based on market value and positioning
            >Position products in support of overall brand strategy
            >Analyze margins and drive appropriate actions to improve as required (cost reduction in manufacturing, alternative sourcing, etc.)
            >Coordinate product related communications between functions such as sales, customer service, pricing/quotations, engineering, manufacturing and finance
            Assist in developing sales strategies that drives revenue of your products
            >Standardization across the portfolio – configurations, components, ordering method etc.

            Must have excellent people and management skills to interact with executive management, colleagues, cross-functional teams, and third parties
            Must take ownership of your products and associated programs and increase sales
            Must have the ability to drive projects to completion, especially when dependent on cross-functional team members
            Must have strong attention to detail
            Must have the ability to work independently with minimal direction and supervision
            Must be able to execute assignments in a timely manner
            Must have superior communications and organizational skills
            Must have the ability to handle multiple projects at once; must show ownership of responsibilities and follow through to completion.
            Must be team-oriented
            Must be sensitive to issues of confidentially
            Must be proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and e-mail
            Must possess excellent verbal communication skills
            Willing to travel 40%
            Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

            EDUCATION and/or EXPERIENCE
            BS/BA in Engineering, Marketing, Business, or a related field, MBA preferred. Must have a minimum of 5 years relevant marketing and/or product management experience. Knowledge of Powered Chain Hoists, electric-powered and air-powered and associated distribution channels is a plus.

            Ability to read, analyze, and interpret general business periodicals, professional journals, technical procedures, or governmental regulations. Ability to create reports, charts/graphs and business correspondences. Ability to effectively present information to individuals, or groups, and respond to questions from sales personnel and customers.

            Ability to apply basic mathematical concepts to such tasks as pricing evaluations and margin and sales analysis.

            Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions. Ability to interpret a variety of technical instructions in mathematical or diagram form and deal with several abstract and concrete variables.

            To perform this job successfully, an individual should have knowledge of Database software; Internet software; Project Management software; Spreadsheet software and Word Processing software.

            Strong data collection and analytical skills; strong organization, computer and communication skills; ability to interface with variety of outside sources including research firms and government agencies; exposure to international markets a plus; ability to take ownership of projects from conception to completion.

            學歷要求:本科或以上 工作經驗:7年以上
            年齡要求:不限 性別要求:不限
            語言要求:普通話 專業要求:不限
            公司性質:外商獨資 公司規模:100-499人

                Columbus McKinnon(中文譯為“科美”,簡稱“CMCO”)是一家有140年歷史的美國納斯達克上市企業,總部位于紐約附近的Amherst,是北美市場最大的起重及物料搬運產品、系統和服務的設計和制造商。
                在中國Columbus McKinnon設有科美(杭州)機械有限公司與柯邁(杭州)起重機械有限公司兩家公司。
                CMCO旗下擁有眾多的世界級著名品牌,如 CM, Yale, Budgit, Chester, Shaw-Box, Coffing, Duff-Norton, Camlok 和 PFAFF 等。



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